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NVC DanceFloors Apps

Bridget Belgrave (co-creator of the NVC Dance Floors) and
Martijn Ceelen (developer of the ‘NVC Check-In’ apps) are working together to produce a series of Dance Floor Apps.

You’ll be able to step onto the NVC Dance Floor on your smartphone or tablet, and feel the magic of NVC at work as you swipe and click your way around the App!

We are planning 3 levels of Apps, in English and in German.

‘Chart’ version: Enjoy exploring your own process on the interactive Dance Floor chart, with the support of an overview of NVC, feelings and needs lists, and other background information.

‘How To’ version: In addition to the above, as you click on each step you can see Bridget and Gina’s guidance about what this step is for. And read in-depth info about the key ingredients of NVC.

‘Coach’ version: In our dreams we would also like to produce a set of Apps for coaches, with all you need to coach someone on each Dance Floor. One day this dream might come true!

 Would you like updates, as we release these?
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We’re excited to show you these ‘draft’ screens, as an impression of how the ‘13 Step Dance’ App will look.





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centre for non violent communication

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Anja Nekeman

Martijn Ceelen


‘Meer energie vanuit verbinding, minder vanuit conflict’

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