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iphone app NVC Dancefloor NVC Dialogue NVC Dialogue app, now available in iphone store and android market

NVC DIALOGUE is the first App of the NVC Dance Floors, a set of interactive learning maps based on the Nonviolent Communication process (NVC).

It brings THE 13 STEP DANCE to your interactive screen. This Dance is used worldwide, because it helps people transform their conversations.


YOU CAN PREPARE FOR SUCCESS in all your conversations – painful ones and joyful ones - with your colleagues, boss, parents, children, partner, friends, neighbours –  whoever you want to connect with.

- Read the Intention page, to centre yourself.
- Tap on a step and speak from there.
- Imagine what the other person’s response would be.
- Choose your next step. Tap to focus on it.
- Tap on the feelings and needs buttons to find your feelings and needs, and to guess the other person’s.
- Regularly go to the 5 ‘connecting with myself’ steps to stay connected with your authentic self.

Enriching information that helps you make connection.
- Be clear about your intention
- Be aware of your judgmental thoughts.
- Speak about feelings and needs.
- Read about how it all fits together in the NVC process.

This ‘CHART’ App is designed for people who are familiar with the NVC Dance Floors. It is a great way to have the 13 Step Dance, a feelings list, a needs list, and an intention reminder, in your pocket, ready to untangle your day’s experiences on the way home, and prepare for tomorrow!

The ‘HOW TO’ App gives the guidance needed by people new to the NVC Dance Floors. Email us to receive notification of the release date, or check our website

The NVC Dance Floor Apps were created by Bridget Belgrave (co-creator of the NVC Dance Floors) and Martijn Ceelen (developer and trainer at iConsultancy and the School voor Vitaliserend Communiceren). The NVC Dance Floors are based on the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process developed by Marshall Rosenberg (CNVC).

For questions and suggestions, please contact the appmaster:

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